Posted by: awangshamsul | June 10, 2007

Work vs Life

Assalamualaikum wrth,

My first entry again after such a long hiatus. Well, wordpress is such a powerful tool that it was able to import all the posts and comments from blogspot. I’m quite a bit suprised that this feature exist this this blogging world, but hei, who said it is imposibble!

Well, my previous post was published just after I entered the working world. Well, it is almost a year now I’ve been working, so much things had happened that it is impossible for me to recall all. Graduated from an engineering background but ended being a HR practitioner suprised many but me. I wouldn’t say I hate engineering but my preference is more toward working with people.

Alhamdulillah, I would say I am enjoying my works but there is so much things to learn and actions to do that sometimes I felt so tired and I wish I am back a student in Troy. Working in Kuala Lumpur, unlike in Troy, the pace is extremely fast and you need to catch up with everything that surround you. There is too many people in this city; you have to squeezed into the packed LRT, there are millions of impatient drivers stucked inside the traffic jams (I’m yet driving here) and worst of all, you’re exposed with the new ‘fashions’ people around you are wearing (I need not to say more). This restlessness drains my energy which I never experience in a peaceful Troy. Life is never easy, hopefully I’ll survive in this journey…



  1. yeah.. im feeling you. in fact.. more than just the KL life but also the engineering/HR thing. i dont think im cut out for all technical.

    all the best. im pretty sure you’ll survive..

  2. askm..wah dah berblogger sekrang semoga dirahmati Allah selalu

  3. Assalamualaikum
    saya datang melawat..

  4. ahlan wasahlan….

  5. Salam Awang,

    Lama tak dgr cerita? Kalau kawin jangan lupa jemput. InshaAllah we all bagi link gambar team soccer Arief bila dah upload (tak tau bila nak buat tu..)

  6. asm ww, mai keje penang 🙂 Sedangkan air pun terkesan dengan perkataan yang diucapkan (water crystal), inikan pula hati manusia yang sifatnya berbolak balik.. Nak kena cari atau bina bi’ah solehah untuk merawat hati, counter suasana luaran yang tak soleh… sebelum kita hanyut dan lara dalam arus yang tak mengenal mangsa..

    pesan ibn taymiyyah “zikrullah itu pada hati seperti air pada ikan, apakah yang akan terjadi kepada ikan apabila dikeluarkan daripada air?”

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