Posted by: awangshamsul | July 4, 2007


I have been traveling quite a lot for the past few months. Next pit-stop will be in Sydney, which is tomorrow night. I will be there for a week for an interview session for the scholars. I really need a break after many weekends working instead of relaxing. But the work schedule doesn’t allow it for a few more weeks! sigh….May Allah help this weak servant to be busy with HIM instead of being busy with HIS creation.



  1. good luck! have a save journey!

  2. awang bawaklah baju gambar kanggaru dari aus ye

  3. slm. bila balik msia? Sempat balik by 21 July?

  4. w’salam wrth… insha Allah esok balik malaysia… seminggu je… ada apa 21st?

  5. salaam. daging kangaroo boleh dimakan ke?

  6. bestnya.. dpt gi australia. awang, nnt nk join HR petronas .. k? 😛

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