Posted by: awangshamsul | September 2, 2007

Rahsia Nilam Sari

Assalamualaikum wrth,

I just got back from MPH Bookstore Alpha Angle Wangsamaju. While browsing through some of the books in the children section, I saw this familiar book that I have already read before.


Congrats Rahmat and Badik! To Rahmat, your book deserve to be on the shelf of this glamorous bookstore. To Badik, I see you book publishing company seems to be doing very well. Goodluck to both of you guys!

Make sure you guys get this book. It is a quality writing by Rahmat. As mention by Hadi@Joey, he said: ‘Aku baca buku ni sampai berguling-guling. Naik bas, LRT pun aku bawak dan baca buku ni.’ More details on the book, please visit KarnaDya Solutions website, webmastered by Badik.

p/s: Joey, bila kau nak bagi buku ni balik kat aku?



  1. masih belum lagi membaca buku ni. looking forward to reading it.

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